1) Security deposit of RM 500.
2) This is a residential neighbourhood, please respect and keep volume down after 10 P.M.
3) For compound area rental only: Utilization of area are between 12 P.M - 12 A.M only.
4) For whole house rental: Utilization of house are between 12 P.M. - 12 P.M of next day.
5) Third party services charges are to be dealt directly between tenant and vendor. Subjected to additional 5% administrative charge.
6) Full payment of all third party services(if any), 5% administrative charges(if any) and daily rental charges done within 24 hours of booking will only be confirmed for venue rental date.
7) All set up and dismantling of equipment to be done within time approved.
8) Owner reserves the right to reject venue rental and will not be responsible any issues between tenant and vendor.